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Roll Dice and Save Atlantis!

The cataclysm flooding the Atlantis under the ocean has just begun. The last city of the mythical island is about to sink.

You, as the last of the Atlanteans, are trying to save all that can be saved, before fleeing the fury of the elements. The clock is ticking. You do not have much time to gather the wealth of Atlantis.

Visit Atlantis areas using the open gates. Use the infrastructures of the city to your advantage in order to get as many resources as you can. Keep an eye on the Districts, emptying themselves of their resources, and on the clock, as it shows how much time is left before the end of the game.

Earn prestige by collecting more resources than your opponents, at the key-moments of the game and at the end. This game is driven around the clock centrepiece and how many plays you have to save resources from different areas of Atlantis!

A simple dice game with quality components, this can be played with 2 players but we advise it's more fun and playable with a group of 4. This game was retailing for £23.99, so it's a great find at this price and a good introduction into the world of draft dice gaming for a sensible price too. Welcome to Atlandice.

Key Info:

2-4 Players

Suitable for 8 Years+

Game Time: 40 Minutes Approx

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