Night At The Movies 1000 Piece Puzzle by Big Potato

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Big Potato Games are widely known for best-selling games such as Herd Mentality, Colourbrain, P for Pizza, Muffin Time, Top of the Pops Party game and Blockbuster party game. Now they are producing Jigsaw Puzzles, but in true Big Potato style they come with a fascinating twist!

Everyone loves a jigsaw, but here's one where the challenge isn't over when the puzzle is complete. As you work through, you need to find all 101 movie riddles that are hidden within the puzzle with cryptic clues for you to deduce the movies... Maybe you will find Jurassic Park for instance? Not everything is what it seems so work thorough the enclosed checklist and then check-in online to see if you've solved the puzzle and movie mysteries!

Crack each hidden riddle to find the name of a very famous movie. Then tick it off the checklist inside the box and head over to the following link to see how many you got right via

  • Box size: 267x267x50mm. Finished Puzzle Size:  Length: 50.8cm  Width: 69.58cm
  • This puzzle is part of the Plastic-Free range from Big Potato Games, 
  • Bright and colourful scene to entertain, suitable for Ages 12+

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