Holi: Festival Of Colors

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Every spring, celebrants gather to spread colour and cheer during one of India's most vibrant festivals. With your friends, move around the festival grounds throwing colored “gulaal” powder onto each other and the crowd. Aim higher and let your color fall from above on as many people as you can. For Holi is a time for playful mischief and a little friendly rivalry is just what the festival calls for...

Gain joy by throwing your color on the boards (higher levels are worth more points), getting color on other players or from collecting sweets. The player with the most points after any 2 piles of Color Cards and/or Color Tokens are depleted wins the game.

This is a stunning game, with its unique game board that sits around 2ft tall and the intense colours, it will brighten your gaming table. High quality components from GameTrayz feature too. 


 Key Information

  • 2-4 Players
  • Suitable for Ages 13+
  • Approximately 30 Minutes Playing Time

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