Library Adventures in Reading 1000 Piece Puzzle by Bluebird

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Library Adventures in Reading 1,000 piece puzzle by Bluebird Puzzle

A magical and mystical library in this intriguing puzzle by Alixandra Mullins. Lots to see as you puzzle your way through this magical library. 

Bluebird Puzzle are one of the newer puzzle manufacturers, and offer a colourful range of puzzles. They have three main mottos:

* Production quality: piece thickness, printing technology, cut.
* Image quality: Bluebird work with some of the best licensing agencies and artists in the puzzle world, leading to some really interesting puzzles.
* Affordable Prices: to enable as many people as possible to enjoy puzzles

Number of pieces: 1000 Pieces
Size: 68 x 48 cm
Material: Cardboard
Arist: Alixandra Mullins / MGL

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