Talisman Revised 4th Edition

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Talisman – The Magical Quest Game is a family-friendly board game classic with roleplaying elements, which is as popular as ever in its 36th year since its first publication.

Deep in the world of Talisman, players go on a journey to magical lands and endeavor to reclaim the Crown of Command, taking on the role of a priestess, a wizard, a warrior, or one of eleven other heroes. But their path is perilous. They must defeat the lurking guardians and obtain one of the legendary Talismans in order to pass through the Portal of Power, but monsters, traps, and dark magic await players every step of the way…

How does it work?

• Each player takes control of a hero, who can grow stronger during the game, collecting equipment, abilities and companions along the way.
• On a player’s turn, they roll the die and move their hero as many spaces as the die shows. Then, they resolve an encounter either at the location, on an adventure card or with another player on the space where they stop.
• The players try to advance into the Inner Region of the game board, and reach the Crown of Command. But in order to win, they also need to eliminate all other players.

 Key Information

  • 2-6 Players
  • Suitable for Ages 12+
  • Approximate Playing Time 90-120 Minutes

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