Voices In My Head

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The 2nd release from Unexpected Games, makers of The Initiative, comes this exciting new title, Voices in my head.

 Robbing that bank was not your brightest moment. Should you just confess or try to get away with it? As you prepare to testify in court, conflicting thoughts fill your head. Which voice should you listen to?

Take control of different aspects of Guy’s personality as the prosecutor tries to convict him. From Honesty to Selfishness, each persona has a different secret goal. Just about anything can happen in this wacky trial, and your actions will determine Guy’s fate!

From the prosecutor to the personas, everyone has a unique role to play in this unpredictable trial.

The fight takes place both inside the courtroom and inside Guy’s mind. His focus and goals will swing wildly as players grab control of different regions of his mind. Even a small action like a yawn or a wink at the wrong moment can have drastic effects on the trial.


 Key Information

  • 2**-6 Players **New 2 Player Instructions on Unexpected games website** 
  • Suitable for Ages 12+
  • Playing Time 60-120 Minutes

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