Arkham Horror: Road to Innsmouth – Deluxe Edition

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A hybrid puzzle/app game where the player solves puzzles while being stalked.

The Road to Innsmouth Deluxe Edition is an Arkham Horror–branded digital experience with interactive collectible artifacts. Players will help guide Stella through multiple perils in the hopes of getting her to a mysterious meeting. Featuring the voice talents of Persephone Valentine, (Fast Times at DnD High) and Yuri Lowenthal (Naruto and Marvel’s Spider-Man) this classic online puzzle adventure will take Arkham Horror fans through the eerie streets of Innsmouth and into the Gilman House Hotel. The Deluxe Edition, containing interactive collectible items players can use to help solve the puzzles and get Stella to the hotel safely, such as:

– Gilman House Hotel Key – Curious Postcard – Mysterious Map

– Strange Membership Card – Full-Color Poster – Worn Ticket

– Metal Coin – Aged Bookmark – Ancient Totem (12cm)

Enjoy this immersive, multimedia puzzle-solving experience that uses digital gameplay to tell the story of Stella Clark’s journey into the heart of Innsmouth.

     Key Information

    • 1-4 Players
    • Suitable for Ages 14+
    • Approximately 120-240 Minutes Playing Time

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