Fiesta De Los Muertos

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The dead are back in Fiesta de los Muertos! Choose a word to describe your deceased character, but be careful, this word will pass from hand to hand, and gradually change ... Will you be able to find your character and that of other players?

Fiesta de los Muertos is a game in the joyful and colorful world of the Day of the Dead. Each player receives a dead character (which he keeps secret) and writes a word on his Skull slate that reminds him of this character. Then, the players pass their Skull slate to their neighbor on the left. The latter will read the word, erase it and write another word on the Skull slate that reminds him of the word he received. Then he will pass the skull to his neighbor on the left who will do the same ... And so on, for 4 turns: the information will therefore be distorted! At the end of the game, all the characters will be revealed and placed next to the skulls, which will contain the last words written. The players will have to find (without communicating) which character corresponds to each skull.

  • A simple and hilarious party game
  • Beautiful and original material
  • Several levels of difficulty
  • Up to 8 players

 Key Information

  • 4-8 Players
  • Suitable for Ages 12+
  • Playing Time Approximately 15 Minutes

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