Mr Wolf

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Mr. Wolf is slowly creeping in the forest.

“Quick, let’s go home”, warns one of the animals in the farm. Want to help them? Show them to the right barn before Mr. Wolf comes up the stone path!

What’s in the box?

  • Four 3-D Barns
  • 28 Animal Tokens
  • 16 Barn Tiles
  • One wooden Mr. Wolf

How to play:

After set up, flip over the Animal Token of your choice, revealing the animal underneath.

If the animal matches an animal on one or more of the 4 Barn Tiles, put the token in the corresponding Barn through the slot.

If the Animal Token does not match any animal on a Barn tile, or if it does but it has already been placed in that Barn, it is placed in the farm yard side up.

If the token has Mr. Wolf printed on the underside, the player moves Mr. Wolf 1 space up on his path. The Mr. Wolf Animal Token is then placed back in the same spot in the field, flower side up.

The game ends one of two ways:

  1.  If you think the barns are full, check to see if all the tokens correctly match the tiles. You win If they do!
  2.  Mr. Wolf makes it up to the field before all the animals are in the correct barns then he wins the game!

Mr. Wolf reinforces memory and co-operation skills. There are 3 challenge variations to Mr. Wolf, including a solo variant!


 Key Information

  • 1-4 Players
  • Suitable for Ages 4+
  • Approximately 15 Minutes Playing Time 

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