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Will you dare to walk through the gates of the Mysterium manor?

The manor is haunted by a ghost. The circumstances of its death are shrouded in mystery. Psychics gather to reconstruct the events of the crime’s night. They won’t make it without the ghost’s help, whose visions are the only clues they have to discover the truth. The clock is ticking: at dawn, the ghost will disappear!

Mysterium is a thrilling and innovative immersive board game. It reinvents investigation games and cooperative games. Due to its asymmetrical roles, you’ll have a great deal of fun trying to guess what the other players have on their mind, whether you play a Psychic or the ghost.

Walk in the manor, have a seat, and let your sixth sense guide you.

Enjoy the game further by downloading the Mysterium Soundtrack with the QR Code Enclosed, it really adds to the occasion.

Can you interpret the clues correctly and solve the mystery?



Key Information

  • 2-7 Players
  • Suitable for Ages 10+
  • Approximately 40 Minutes Playing Time


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