Mysterium Kids : Captain Echo’s Treasure

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Winner of the 2023 Kinderspiel des Jahres 2023 (Children's game of the year)

Will you be able to find the treasure in this family-friendly edition of the hugely popular Mysterium?

Legend has it that the old mansion on the outskirts of the city is home to a fabulous treasure! Hoping to find it, you decide to spend the night there.

You are about to give up when the ghost of Captain Echo appears to help you find his treasure. He isn't much of a talker, but he plays a mean tambourine, and he's going to use it to tell you which rooms to search in!

Mysterium Kids: Captain Echo's Tresor is a cooperative game specially designed for kids. It helps develop children's concentration and imagination. In turn, play as the ghost or as treasure seekers and try to find in team which illustrated card corresponds to the location of the treasure, all while guided by the tambourine's sounds only! 

 Key Information 

  • 2-6 Players
  • Suitable for Ages 6+
  • Approximate Playing Time 25 Minutes 

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