Trivial Pursuit Master Edition

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The Trivial Pursuit Master Edition game adds a modern twist to the classic game you love. It will challenge you and fill your head with fascinating facts. Go ahead, impress your friends and have some laughs at the same time! If you've got an eye on the world around you, the Trivial Pursuit Master Edition game is for you.

Fun question challenges:
With 3,000 intriguing, challenging, and sometimes humorous questions, the Trivial Pursuit Master Edition game lets trivia buffs show off their smarts. In addition to who, what, and when questions, now you could be asked to look at an image on the card, pick the right answer from multiple choices, or choose the one that does not belong. So get ready, the race is on to find the master of Trivial Pursuit! Could it be you?

You can play the Trivial Pursuit Master Edition game in different ways. For traditional play, land on a category, answer the question correctly in the allotted time, collect all six wedges, roll and move to the center space, and answer the final question to win. For a faster game, collect a wedge any time you answer a question correctly, not just on the wedge spaces. The Trivial Pursuit Master Edition game comes with a timer to keep up the pace. But, it's up to you to use it. Play in teams to make the Trivial Pursuit Master Edition game even more fun!

Show off what you know:
The Trivial Pursuit Master Edition game has 6 question categories including geography, entertainment, history, art and literature, science and nature, and sports and leisure. Here's a sneak peek at some of the questions: On which part of a baby would you find the fontanelle? According to Aristotle, where is the seat of intelligence? How many syllables does the second line of a haiku have in English? Answers in order asked: The Head, Heart, 7. How many did you answer correctly?
Includes: Gameboard, 6 movers, 36 wedges, timer, 500 cards with 3,000 questions, die and instructions

 Key Information:

  • Suitable for 16 Years+
  • 2-6 Players
  • Requires 2 AAA Batteries (Not Included)


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