EXIT: The Disappearance of Sherlock Holmes

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Can you solve the riddles to prove that Sherlock Holmes didn't commit murder?

Sherlock Holmes needs your help! The famous journalist Ignatius Loyde was murdered shortly after an article he published portrayed Sherlock Holmes as an imposter. There are leads that make Holmes the prime suspect in the murder…and Holmes has disappeared! Dr. Watson has turned to you to get to the bottom of things. How did Holmes become the accused? And what role did Moriarty play? Can you support Dr. Watson in searching for evidence, following the clues, and solving the case, riddle by riddle?

Difficulty Level 3 / 5

  • A series of fun and challenging escape-room and mystery-solving games for the home; timed riddle-solving games with imaginary scenarios
  • Completely card-based and unplugged — no apps or software needed!
  • Requires out-of-the-box thinking … literally! Some components may be marked up, folded, torn, or otherwise manipulated during gameplay

 Key Information

  • 1-4 Players
  • Suitable for Ages 12+
  • Playing Time 60-120 Minutes
  • Exit: The Game – The Disappearance of Sherlock Holmes is a puzzle game modelled after escape rooms, and it includes components meant to be folded, written upon, or torn, so it's marketed as a single-use game.

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